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Is forgiveness necessary for healing? image source I think so. Extending forgiveness does not mean we condone behaviors or attitudes that have been, or continue to be, violent, demeaning, oppressive or degrading. There is a saying, “When your canary is down, get out of the mine.” Presumably a passed out canary would be the first […]


How to Remember Who You Really Are

(Hint: It’s Not What You Think) The saying throughout life, heard time and again by well-meaning folk, “just be yourself.” Is this easier said than done? I think so. From birth we are being conditioned, in every millisecond of relationship with our caregivers, our siblings, our peers and larger community, to behave in a way […]


Food is a Gateway to our Inner World

Food is a Gateway to our Inner World Food is a basic, primal, essential component of our lives.  It plays a role in our personal and cultural history.  It informs our biology and genetic expression.  It triggers powerful memories and holds negative and positive associations.  It has a strong place in the rituals of our […]

Image of father and son under tree

Trust and Mistrust

The developmental psychologist, Erik Erikson, identified eight psychosocial stages for ego development. The first stage he titled Trust versus Mistrust.  In this first stage, Erikson theorized we are under an essential crisis, which is the question, “is the world safe or not safe?”  Depending on the consistent loving care of our parent or provider during […]


Power of Awareness

We believe in the power of awareness, that is, becoming ever more aware of ourselves and our inner life. This means becoming conscious of our motivations, impulses, insecurities, needs, feelings, wants, passions and concerns.  The more we become aware of ourselves, the more we can develop a relationship of listening to ourselves with compassion and […]