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How To Know If You Struggle With Self-Care

Signs of Struggle and How to Shift Into A Mindset That Will Lead You to Wellness Let’s talk some more about creating a family as a working system. This definitely applies to parents, but it also applies to anyone that struggles with self-care. How do you know if you struggle with self-care? Well, some telltale […]



Peace. An essential nutrient.   I invite you to consider the qualities of spirit as the most important of your dietary guidelines. Peace is not a synonym for agreement. Peace is a quality of stillness and acceptance. When we can stop placing our mind’s conditions of peace onto the world, then we can be at […]


Listen and build trust

A big part of building trust with ourselves is being willing to listen. The choices we make based on that information is the next step.  Mind you, I am certainly not promoting perfection or idealism here.  It is completely important to have flexibility and fluidity, especially with diet and lifestyle.  In fact, the rigid voice […]

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Trust and Mistrust

The developmental psychologist, Erik Erikson, identified eight psychosocial stages for ego development. The first stage he titled Trust versus Mistrust.  In this first stage, Erikson theorized we are under an essential crisis, which is the question, “is the world safe or not safe?”  Depending on the consistent loving care of our parent or provider during […]

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Listening to Your Body

Nourishment and depletion is a common theme at Conscious Wellness. Almost everything we discuss is, at its core, about noticing whether experiences are nourishing or depleting. The practice of learning to listen to our bodies is no exception. We must learn to tune in to our bodies and trust how they guide us. This is […]