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Spring Meals

Now that Spring is in full bloom, have you felt any inklings to make diet changes? I often notice with the changes in season that my food desires also change. Some of this has to do with food memory, like craving pumpkin pie and green chili stew in the fall. But if you check in […]


10 Tips for Breaking the Sugar Habit

Breaking the sugar habit is hard for everyone. And more than willpower, it is our biology that is driving the boat. Making successful changes in diet requires compassion and gentleness. Forcing ourselves to do anything, to restrict our “treats” is a deprivation model and we will only rebel against it in the end.  The best […]


Listen and build trust

A big part of building trust with ourselves is being willing to listen. The choices we make based on that information is the next step.  Mind you, I am certainly not promoting perfection or idealism here.  It is completely important to have flexibility and fluidity, especially with diet and lifestyle.  In fact, the rigid voice […]



While it is important to develop autonomy for wellness, it is a delicate construction, especially if we have been significantly hurt in the past. It is easy to swing too far into a stoic independence, which can really be a masked rebellion towards an experience of authority in our past that wasn’t so kind or […]


Power of Awareness

We believe in the power of awareness, that is, becoming ever more aware of ourselves and our inner life. This means becoming conscious of our motivations, impulses, insecurities, needs, feelings, wants, passions and concerns.  The more we become aware of ourselves, the more we can develop a relationship of listening to ourselves with compassion and […]